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5.0 out of 5 stars Finally a cheat device on PS3, here are the facts....
This review is from: Hyperkin Game Genie: Save Editor for PS3 (Accessory)
This cheat device is like the old Xploder, Codebreaker, gameshark devices of the past except that it simply edits the save file of supported games. It opens up a lot of games to replayability and helps those who haven't the time to farm gold or if a game is simply too hard to finish. Here's the facts:
  • - It does not support games which have locked saves. Demons Souls etc.
  • - It does not affect Trophies, it actually helps you unlock some of the more brutal ones.
  • - It backs up your original save file so no worries about losing anything.
  • - The codes are online, check their website for a list of games and visit the forums to ask any questions.
  • - Its easy to use. Copy your save file to your PC, apply the code, copy it back to your PS3.

Totally worth it for me as I simply haven't the time to put into gaming and it's allowed me to play Wizardry on the PS3 with a lot less worry about dying constantly.M
Excellent job!
By Cim (Chicago, IL)

Works as intended. Let the replays begin!!!!
Beating games are always a plus. Rarely do I go back to one after I have completed it, but this product made me excited to play ALL my ps3 games over. Great Product
Terrell Jackson

works great!
works great! new game added to save files almost every day. have not had any issues with the save files.

Love it,
Yes, I have to admit, I like a little help sometimes. Game Genie rocks!! I love playing without cheats but when a game goes from super easy to holy crap I keep dying.....a little help is in order. Just wish they had codes for more of the PS3 games
SusanB "JewelReMotion"

Game Genie now supports over 292 games, an up to date list can be viewed main page

Game Genie is Tha BOMB!!!
The Game Genie for ps3 does it all ... no more hassling for trying to earn some gil for the game .. Although there is a limit selection of games, but IT"S ALL GOOD!! there updating it each week. A+++ i highly recommend it =)
Honolulu, Hawaii

Game Genie now supports over 292 games, an up to date list can be viewed main page

Great Item
I really like this item for those last few things u can't find or don't want to replay the whole game to get b/c u missed it. -_-' Just wish there was 1 for pc. I know y do that well I don't like to miss something and then not get it unless replay the game to get the item I wanted. Plus to many cheats or trainers r just not trust worth I feel.

Good product that saved me time.
Advance mode is great and they are constantly updating the games that can be modified. This is a very easy product to use as well.
Chatchai Kaesrilohit

Best investment ever !!
I LOVE game genie. Wish I had gotten this when it first came out for the ps3, would have saved me a whole lot of ps3 gaming heartache. It paid off more than enough for itself the first time I used it.
Thank you Hyperkin Game Genie and please break out more codes, haves, and also continue for the future ps4 system.

This is a great product, it does give you the cheats for the games it has on the list and is easy to use
Pen Name

Pretty cool gadget
I'm going to be brief. It's just what I expected. Results are awesome, and the game list is growing steadily. Not disappointed at all.
Yushell Darwich

Great Product
The Game Genie is easy to install and use. You can use it on up to 2 PCs. Game support is at about 130 games right now and they are adding new ones every couple of weeks. Cheats aren't like the old school game genie. You can't get infinite health or anything like that, but you can mod ammo, hit points (for some rpgs), money, and unlock in game extras. This device also has the capability of using other players saves. It can sign your profile to any other save created by another user. Not bad at all for the price. I definitely recommend it.

Notice Game Genie now supports over 239 games, Check our full list for the games you want on our main page

This really helps with games that I get stuck on. Plus this company is good at letting you know when they put new cheats in.

It's a great Product Game genie Rocks
Game Genie Save editor For PS3 Works Great I studied The info Faqs Sheet Before i had it So i would Know How to use it I re-assiged Some of my friends game saves to my profile works great i did'nt get game genie to use cheat codes
i got for it's automatic profile assigner
Dog Lover

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