Game Genie for PS3 Save Editor FAQ:

Q. Is there a Game Genie for the PS4?

A.Yes there is, it is almost ready but it won't be called Game Genie, we will post a link here when it is ready


Q. Where can I get it?, Can I buy it from a Store?

A. Game Genie can Only be purchased through this web site


Q. How does it work?

A. Game Genie runs on a Windows PC, saves are copied from the PS3 to USB pen drive to the PC and you select the cheat codes you want to apply. The PC then uploads your save to our server and applies the cheats. The modified save is then downloaded back to your PC and USB drive. The diagram below illustrates how it works

how it works


Q. Do I need to modify my PS3 in anyway, will it void my Waranty?

A. Game Genie actually runs on a Windows PC, It only affects the saves you copy from the PS3 and therefore any PS3 is suitable and your Waranty is safe


Q. Can I reasign profiles to use saves on a different PS3?

A. Yes you can


Q. Is it illegal to cheat games?

A. In some regions it is illegal to break any encryption.


Q. Does it allow cheating of online games?

A. No, we try to ensure that all cheats do not work online


Q. What cheats are available?

A. The list of cheats avalaible with Game Genie is shown on the main screen. As we update the Game Genie we will also update this list


Q. Isn't Game Genie just like the PS3 Action Replay or Xploder products?

A. No, the Action Replay and Xploder products are merely a way of sharing saves, the saves themselves cannot be modified. Game Genie has a whole lot more going on under the hood


Q. Can I see Game Genie in Action?

A. Yes, here are some links to Movies that have been uploaded showing Game Genie cheats in action


Q. Game Genie isn't that by Galoob/Codemasters?

A. This version of Game Genie is not related to Galoob or Codemasters, however in the past we have worked on cheat devices such as GameShark, Action Replay, Xploder, Codebreaker etc. so we think we know a bit about cheating!


Q. OK, I want one, how do I get it?

A.Game Genie is a direct Download program, so after making a payment with Paypal, you will be emailed a download link for the installer software along with a license key to your Paypal email address. If you don't receive it, please check your SPAM folder. You can download Game Genie unlimited times, it can be active on Two computers simultaneously using the same License key


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